Why We Chose Remote Working For A Better Life

We started Truffle with the view that once the initial invoices were paid our next step would be to invest in an office. We did exactly that.

Truffle joined friends that ran another independent agency in their Shoreditch space. We bought some mugs, took over a couple of shelves and started browsing comfy office chairs. Why aren’t we there now? 2 months after moving in we had used the office 4 times. Why? People are busy and it makes more sense for us to hook up nearer to their space, gives both parties more time to chat.

Plus, going into the same office every day felt a little stale. One of our key drivers for setting up Truffle Talent was to not be in a 9-5 environment.

Let’s also not forget the rush hour commuting and those train fares going up.

Seinfeld commuting on New York train








Over 5 years in and we have no Truffle home (sty). We’re very happy nomads. But why exactly? Well, here’s our take on remote working the Truffle way…

Emma, Chief of Truffle HQ

laptop remote working
Freedom to work where my mood takes me
  • Technology is amazing, I could be halfway up a mountain and still reply to my emails.
  • No rush hour, cattle like commute with armpits in your face.
  • I can make coffee and work at the same time: just move my laptop to the kitchen.
  • Need a little brain/space break, I can work anywhere: I love a change of scenery to get the inspiration flowing.
  • I still get my watercooler chats, we phone each other: it’s very important to know what’s hot on Netflix.
  • My greatest love of remote working. I’m a parent. I love Truffle and I’m very proud of our agency. We’re on call 24/7 and check our emails when we wake and before we sleep.
  • Equally, I’m on-call with two bonkers kids. By working remotely I can be there for Easter Bonnet Parades, Book Looks, Open Days  – plus can check my emails anytime!


Mish, Chief of Truffle Towers 

In Truffle Towers our work is full on, 1000 miles an hour, non-stop, busy productive chaos and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am the type of person who thrives on the pressure of a deadline and spinning a zillion plates. It makes me tick. However, add to this two small children, school/ nursery/ childcare arrangements, bills (so many bills), a kitten, a husband, food shopping, cleaning, trying to keep fit, eating healthily and maintaining my sanity – well that’s when a good work-life balance means the difference between success and failure.

London view of Thames
One of my fave views when working in London


Top reasons I love working remotely:

  • I don’t have to face the rat race and spend over an hour commute each way each day.
  • I love sneaking off to pick up my kids from school when I can.
  • I can jump into the amazing chaos of London when I want to, and out again before rush hour.
  • I can work in my jimjams when I want to.
  • I work more effectively because I’m content with the balance.



Adrian, Chief of Truffle Social Space 

I used to sit on a bulletins desk in a BBC newsroom for 10 hours straight, and sometimes I’d start work at 5 a.m. I’d get 30 minutes break if I was lucky in between reading the news on the radio. That work pattern, when kids came along, began to take its toll. It was energy sapping and the constant on-air deadlines and shifts made it hard with a wife who was putting in 12 hour days in the city. I reinvented myself, started working from home and I will never look back for these reasons:

Mountain view in France
Mountain air vs city smog. I chose right.
  • Health. I can look after myself more. By that I mean, I’m able to slot in a gym session or take 30 minutes of mindfulness in a peaceful environment to recharge, and I’m better for it. I found when I was commuting and up in London, I always had colds in the winter or was ill at least once a year.  Since being a remote worker that’s dropped right off. I can’t remember the last time I was properly sick.
  • Kids. All this started because of them. So being here for school runs, and pickups have turned what was a Benny Hill show into a finely tuned machine.
  • Creativity. I love being able to pick and choose where I work. I can set myself up exactly how I like it, my desk facing a window, music playlists that are stimulating and good coffee on tap whenever I need it.
  • Freedom. I can go away for a break and be completely remote, the guys know I will still be across our social networks, even from the mountains of Haute Savoie.