Make hay while the sun shines!

Why applying for jobs in the summer months could be the best thing you ever did…..

Are you a fabulous Creative who potentially would be interested in new opportunities?

Are you putting off applying for jobs because it’s summer and you have holidays booked in?

Or are you too busy sunning yourself on your roof terrace to have time to update your folio?

Well you’re not the only one!

So many people are relaxing in beer gardens or beaches around the globe and taking their eye’s off the job market. The summer months are notoriously quiet on the candidate front for all recruiters and hiring managers.

Do you think that means that jobs coming on to the market will slow down? Nope.

In fact we’re busy as ever here at Truffle!

Do you think there’ll be some amazing jobs out there with less competition now? Yes.

With so little competition right now you could be bagging yourself that dream job without a fight to the end, or 5 gruelling rounds of interviews to be pipped to the post.

Don’t wait until the mad rush of September when everybody else starts to pull their finger out – our advice is do it now.

So get your CV and folio updated today and get applying people!

Happy hunting!

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