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A Day In The Life Of...Truffle's Social Media Dad

Adrian is a former BBC journalist turned social media strategist who now manages all of Truffle Talent's social channels, he's also father to 3 girls. Busy? Surely not!


As a stay-at-home working dad looking after 3 girls my day usually begins like this...

Muppet panic


While I'm making my kids' breakfast i'm also firing up the phone checking Instagram and Twitter to see what activity has come in over night. Truffle is a global talent agency with followers also outside of the UK (mainly Australia and US) and while we're catching Z's they're active. I'm keen we develop those relationships so i'll respond to any comments or likes as soon as I can and get a head start on the rest of my day.


taking kids to school

School run. Weep.

On the walk back from school i'm already sieving through the news on my phone in case there's anything that can be news-hacked for our own social. I'll also pick out interesting posts in our feeds that might resonate with our brand. I use the Pocket App to save articles so I can come back to them later on.



Phew...I'm at my desk with a freshly poured coffee. The desk is actually my living room table (with lego all over it) and I like it that way.

Us Trufflettes all work remotely and take pride in doing that. Founders, Mishel and Emma, champion a remote working culture because they know, from their experiences, it impacts positively on productivity, happiness and general wellbeing and gives us all more family time. Plus, when we do meet up to work as a team (in a favourite lunch spot), it's extra special. We collaborate frequently using Google Hangouts, so once my laptop is powered on i'll ping over a message to see if there's any jobs that need particular candidate focus and will prepare any posts around the needs of the business.


I'm always at my most creative in the mornings before lunch, so it's then that I'll start creating the social media content. Generally this will involve creating GIFS, videos, and making images. I'll work from an ideas scrapbook that I'm constantly updating which feeds into a structured content plan aligned with Truffle's overall business strategy.  Ideally i'll make the assets ahead of time then schedule these into Buffer or Hootsuite to save me doing it on the fly. The whole time I'm doing this I have all the social feeds open in a deck so I can monitor activity and carry out responsive when needed.


phone smoking

Lunch. Step away from social media. I've stopped checking my own personal channels at this time as i'm worried it'll lead to a social burn out. I'll panic instead. I haven't got any food out of the freezer for my kids' tea, gulp.


Back on it, creating more unique content. Very often, if i'm making videos in Final Cut, I will find myself working on it throughout the day, as I am constantly juggling everything else.


I usually put aside 1-2 hours a day to work on audience development, which helps grow our channels but more specifically can help root out new candidates for jobs and might also create leads. Using tools like Twitonomy and FollowerWonk  i'll search people's bios and track activity through keywords linked to our industry. It's time consuming but vital for us as headhunters if we're to discover new and exciting talent.


Back to being stay-at-home dad, but if the truth be known I'm still very much across all of the social on my phone and commenting, liking posts and engaging with people as much as I can. It helps if the kids keep themselves busy, but expect the unexpected, like one of them placing slime into the back of the TV set.

Girl kicked in head with football


There's no time for Netflix! As a social media strategist i'm everything from a copywriter, designer, media planner, photographer, video editor and, drum roll....analyst.  But, because the analytics is the least creative thing I do in my day, I leave it till the evening when I can crunch numbers and reflect on all the content that's gone out. I'll use a range of tools to do that - everything from native analytics to sites such as Komfo or SproutSocial. I'm always testing new tools.


Another glance over all the channels to check all's well, and then the phone is switched to airplane mode and I hit play on my mindfulness track in Spotify! Sleep. Bliss.

Bruce Lee empty your mind

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