Is it our fault that Andy Murray is out of Wimbledon?

I have never been a great fan of Tennis. In honesty thought it was a bit dull. HOWEVER last year I stood with a very restricted view on ‘Murray Mound’ at Wimbledon to watch a nail biting semi-final between Andy Murray and Jerzy Janowicz.

I’m not sure he could hear my cheers from behind the hedge but I willed him on with all my might!

This year however I’ve been a little distracted by the whole World Cup thing (still not watching it but hearing a lot about it!) and I’m a little sports out.

Now, I’m not saying Murray was knocked out based on my lack of cheering but last year he was our primary sporting focus and he won Wimbledon. Awesome!

In comparison to the England team he had a far higher chance of bringing home a trophy.

Yet we cheered harder for the England boys?

Are we a nation that respond better to people that are hogging the limelight?

There is a person in every company that is far more likely to achieve and succeed, they have proved it time and time again. They do not seek the glory. They are happy to share the accolades. Yet in my experience of recruiting they are often overlooked and subsequently contact us for a new job.

Once someone has achieved great things for a company it is presumed that they have reached their pinnacle but in truth they have just started to understand what it takes.

You could just utilise them to impart this knowledge to others. But have you lost sight of what even more marvellous things they could achieve?

Invest in them!