How the World Cup might help you land your next job

For the next month I am a football widow.

Whilst a little part of me misses living with a rational, non-ranty man, my partners refusal to leave the ‘big TV’ means that I do have a babysitter for the next month – result!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Saints FC fan born and bred and there are few things I like more than sitting nervously through a game, praying to the almighties for a wonder goal or 3.

Yet a few days in and I have yet to watch a World Cup game.

It wasn’t always this way. Until this World Cup I have joined the throngs in my local for a restricted view of the key games, jumped around, hugged a number of strangers, sat morbidly and one occasion, did shed a tear.

So why not this year?

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany.

What’s happening outside of the football bubble?

The world has not paused.

We all know that it’s a very competitive jobs market. Now is the time to get your CV out there. The same number of jobs are going to come on to the market this month BUT with frazzled, sleep deprived brains (after a night of dedicated football watching) less people will be applying.

Looking for freelance work? Even better. How many people do you think have booked time off after the key games? Deadlines still need to be met and you could be the person that enables that to happen.

In short.

Whilst everyone is looking one way look the other!