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By Truffle Talent's Adrian Larkin...

Some people might say the self-portrait I did for my GCSE art project was the scariest thing they've ever seen, it was certainly a horror show from start to finish. But taking a deeper delve into art and the dark-side of Instagram we've uncovered pieces that are equally if not more terrifying...brace yourselves art lovers.


Jamie Betts is a photographer from Virginia, USA who posts some quite spine-chilling photos on his Instagram. Many of the shots from abandoned buildings look like they belong in the upside-down world of Stranger Things. But all hail his brilliance for creating shots that ooze horror, leave the lights on when you leave.


Instagram abandoned buildings
Photo Credit: James Betts Instagram











Salvador Dali doesn't need much of an introduction. This painting; "The Face of War", was painted in California in 194o, between the end of the Spanish Civil War and beginning of WW2. Interestingly, Dali has stressed that it was the only work where one could see the true imprint of his hand on the canvas (at the lower right). Now we really are spooked.

Art Salvador Dali
Photo Credit: Wikipedia














Make sure the kids aren't looking over your shoulder when you explore the work of @Mothmeister on Instagram. This pair of artists craft what they describe as scenes from a “Wounderland” where grotesque, emotionally distraught and anonymous characters are accompanied by taxidermy animals.  It might surprise you that they've actually amassed a huge following on the platform. They've even launched a book called Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem Fairy Tales. It's not exactly bedtime reading for us parents.

scary clown with parrot
Photo Credit: Mothmeister Instagram
















You thought we'd pick "The Scream of Nature", didn't you? Well, Norwegian painter Edvard Munch had a few foreboding paintings. Renowned for his expressionism and symbolism, in this painting, "Death of Marat I" he shows the stoic murder of famous French Revolution thinker Jean-Paul Marat – confined nearly all day to a bath due to a skin disease. Not pretty.

Painting by Edward Munch Death of Marat I












Dariusz Zawadzki is a modern artist from Poland. His paintings and drawings are right out of the top drawer of a horror flick. From the surreal to the completely grotesque, the great thing about Dariusz is he is a self-taught talent and claims his work springs from dreams and visions. We recommend he takes a natural sleep remedy for that.

A picture of a horrid looking bird eating an egg
Photo Credit: Dariusz Zawadzki













We don't know much about this next Instagram artist, Dusty Ray aka SloppJockey but that's probably a good thing. What we do know is, he is from Colorado, makes a living selling his art on Etsy and describes his work as "gouache and oil paint debris". We call it macabre but clever!

Montage of scary oil paints on instagram
Photo Credit: Dusty Ray Paints
















Lastly, when we say "Andy Warhol", you probably think pop art paintings and a gold Marilyn Monroe, but he had a dark side. The piece below is called, "The Big Electric Chair" and is based on a press photograph from 13 January 1953 of the death chamber at Sing Sing Prison in New York.  It's where American citizens Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for giving information about the atomic bomb to Russia during the WW2.  Warhol also played around with police photos of suicides and car fatalities. Right, we're getting the jitters and need to sit in a comfy chair that looks nothing like this one.

Electric Chair artwork by Andy Warhol
Photo Credit: Tate Modern

You've got to admire the dedication of those that commit to Inktober and manage to post one illustration a day for the whole month. It takes some doing.

Yep, that's 31 drawings in 31 days.

Us Trufflettes have managed all of zero, but we're pretty busy at Truffle Remote HQ filling jobs with all the wonderful creative peeps we work with.

So, we've been voyeurs in all of this and have picked out some of our favourite submissions from budding and established artists across the globe in the 1st few weeks of #Inktober.


v-0-3! is a self-taught comic artist and illustrator from Poland who wants to make drawing her fulltime job, we love manga when it's done well and she's doing something right...

manga drawing ink










Laurie Conley - with Halloween just around the corner, we're loving the work of Laurie who has worked as an illustrator for the likes of Penguin and the American Red Cross.  She's partial to cute ghosts, and err, lots of death. Why not?

ghost death bike drawing










Derek Laufman is a freelance artist and the creator of the comic series RuinWorld published by Boom Studios. This drawing of Boba Fett from Star Wars has the force.

Starwars BobaFett










Bryan Schiavone is a 23-year-old ink artist who is wildly talented. Her Inktober contributions include tutorials, tiny animals and all sorts of wonderful things that Truffle loves, but we're still waiting for a pig.

Eggs Goose ink Drawing


Josefine Svärd, or Wildwither as she's known on Instagram, is an illustrator and photographer from Gothenburg in Sweden.  She's hooked us in with her love of pigs and her warm appeal for people to respect animals. Her drawings and the meaning behind them is honest and uniquely special, one to follow on IG, for sure.


Inktober animals drawings art


SeedohSketches, who we discovered on Instagram, doesn't give much away in his bio. If the profile picture is anything to go by it's actually a cat. As parents, who have suffered immensely with Disney fatigue, we have to admit we were energised by his takes on these characters from the books and movies.

drawing rabbit winney pooh










Lastly, John Bond is an author and an illustrator who recently published the children's book, Mini Rabbit Not Lost through Harper Collins. It's the cuteness and the simplicity in how and what he draws that's got us hooked. Lovely work and we'll be sure to buy his book over anything Disney.

boy looking into hole









Inspired?  We are. We've even vowed to take part in 2019, gulp.

There are still a few more weeks left to follow all the incredible submissions, use the hashtag #Inktober.

To find out more about how it all started, visit the official website.

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